In this video, I discover David Bowie’s Myers Briggs personality type by¬†watching interviews of him.

Not only that, but I analyzed a few of his lyrics just to be thorough.

Here’s an introduction to cognitive functions which I use to determine his type.

The interviews I grabbed are from 1979 and 1998 respectively. You can watch them here: 1979 | 1998


  • Hello Chelsea,

    I just wanted to say I absolutely loved this video. In fact, this is the kind of content I’ve been craving for a very long time now; where an experienced/professional psyche type profiler makes observations of a person’s mannerisms, speech patterns, etc. in real time and comes to a conclusion about their type. And while I know there are a lot of goons that do this on Youtube, I get the feeling I can actually take your observations/typings seriously. I can’t think of a better way to improve my own typing skills by taking notes from someone experienced!

    By the way, so I don’t have to make a really small comment on another video of yours, you said that it is very common for people to mistake Se for Ne and vice versa on your ISFJ/INFJ Nostalgia video I believe. While I have identified differentiated Se in some artists/people I know in real life (who use Se very strongly and obviously), I really struggle with identifying Ne given that it is my Trickster function. Do you ever think you’ll make a video on how to tell the difference between Ne and Se? I just feel like Ne rarely manifests itself as strongly as Se does in interviews and conversations.

    • Hey, sorry for the super late reply. I started those videos with a particular idea, but typing people is one of those things I felt I could have used more experience with before I could continue with that channel. Kind of a long story, but I was having some bad luck getting fully certified as a profiler in that same year. So it was kind of a let down. *shrug*

      As for the difference between Ne and Se, I suppose I *could* do a video though I haven’t uploaded to Youtube for a while. (Almost a full year.) But to be honest, I probably won’t do it very soon. Instead, I would suggest you go to a community on Facebook (if you’re on it) and join a group called “Intuitive Awakening”. I know it probably sounds cheesy, but it’s a group hosted by Personality Hacker, a small company I used to work with. The peeps in their know their stuff, and there will be tons of people willing to help you dissect the differences. Typology the main topic in that group, although they enjoy talking about self-development in general. I would highly suggest you check it out.

      Hope it’s helpful!

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